Charitable Dispensary, Ayurvedic Hospital & Panchakarma

These units provide treatments, diagnostic facilities and medicines to the out-patients as well as in-patients all together more than 60000 in every year. Following are the departments run in the Charitable Dispensary and Hospital :

General, Eye, E. N. T, Dental, Pathology, Child, Skin, Cardiology, Radiology, U.S.G. Other than the permanent doctors and technicians, visiting specialist are serving in them. Patients, especially the poor, throng to avail of their services.

Panchakarma Unit It offers therapies like Vamana, Virechan, Vasti, Sirovirechan, Raktamokshan, Sirodhara and Abhayanga to patients even from far and wide. It also produces some Ayurvedic medicines.