An Appeal To our Benevolent Well-Wishers

As it can be understood from the various activities of our Ashrama as seen in this website, this branch centre at Narendrapur renders humanitarian services voluntarily and with all humility in different fields like education, health, self-sustenance, self-employment, social awareness, protection of natural resources etc. etc. Notwithstanding the fund support from the Government for some specific areas of Service, most of the service activities are carried out with the help of the charity received from benevolent people as well as Corporates or Trusts from all over the country received throughout the year. Contributions from different Public sectors are also received through their respective corporate social responsibilities. WE APPEAL to all generous people to continue helping us as they have been doing since years together and also we do appeal to others to

come forward with a helping hand towards the financially backward class of our society through different charitable activities rendered through this Ashrama. May Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna bless you all is my earnest prayer.