Vivekananda Social Welfare Centre (VSWC)

VSWC is the consequence of a social development programme perpetuated among the socio-economically backward community in the Rambagan slum, North-Kolkata since early 1950s. It has now proved its indispensability and spread arms to a few more such slums. Significantly, it taps the poor but talented men and women, cutting across castes and creeds. For their fruitful economic engagement it provides them with professional training in tailoring & knitting, cane furniture & bamboo craft, commercial art & painting through various specially designed courses

This unit is conducted primarily for HARIJANS living in the slums of Rambagan area in North Kolkata. It runs three Charitable Dispensaries, offers Coaching Classes to local students, and Its Vocational Training Centre trains in different trades, such as Lathe, Tailoring, Painting, Cane & Bamboo Crafts and Soft toys. It has a Library facility for local readers, and two creche centres for children. Its Child Welfare Scheme offers services in different slums of Kolkata, organizing vocational training Centres for children (girls) at Goabagan, Tiljala and Monoharpukur Slums. The children are provided with the supplementary nutritious food every day in it.